Fulgencio, el Luciérnago Valiente

Fulgencio, el Luciérnago Valiente 1.2.0

Ray, the Brave Firefly – learn to believe in yourself

Ray, the Brave Firefly – learn to believe in yourself

Ray, the Brave Firefly – learn to believe in yourself

Would you like your children to…

- Boost their creativity and give their imagination wings to fly

- Develop their reading habits and have fun while reading

- Acquire values that will accompany them their entire life

- Arouse their curiosity about their surroundings

- Use emerging technologies educationally

Smile and Learn has the pleasure to offer you interactive stories with these features:

- Stories that transmit values and include a moral at the end that reinforces the lesson

- Text and voice overs in several languages by native speakers

- Fun interactive animations and hidden surprises that encourage discovery and curiosity

- Challenges adapted to your child’s age group and that reinforce multiple intelligences

- The possibility to adapt the story to turn your child into the main character, like being able to choosing an avatar, record their voice or yours or even choose how the story ends

- The app includes a GAME FOR FREE: Pairs and Learn.


Ray has been invited to the Great Firefly Ball but he doesn’t know if he wants to do because he’s afraid the other fireflies will laugh at him. Ray’s light isn’t like the others’ and that embarrasses him. In the end, Ray gathers up his courage and heads off to a very fun party. There he discovers all kinds of wonderful surprises with his best friend, Sparky. Will Ray overcome his fears?

Features of this app:

Age group:  2 to 8 ?Languages available: English, Spanish (Spain and Mexico) and French

Values transmitted: Respect for diversity, overcoming your fears, effort, courage and curiosity

Multiple intelligences addressed: Linguistic, mathematical, spatial, musical, corporal, intrapersonal, interpersonal and naturalistic. ?

Authors: Macarena and Blanca R. Montero

What educational professionals and parents are saying…

“A very interesting story in terms of self-reliance, self-acceptance, and accepting others”

EDUAPPS. Recommendations from educators

“With Smile & Learn educational apps, children learn to take part in the story and through challenges and games they can learn with a smile”

PEQUEOCIO. Recreation and plans for children and their parents

“Smile & Learn’s psychopedagogical approach is based on learning through trying things out on their own so that the child extracts their own lesson; discovering, searching and creating”

MIRAMAMI. Mom blogger

Fulgencio, el Luciérnago Valiente


Fulgencio, el Luciérnago Valiente 1.2.0